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At Hays Surgery Center, you will have your surgery and be driven home to recover on the same day. You will be asked to bring a responsible adult who will take you home and arrangements for a responsible adult to stay with you for the first 24 hours of your recovery. We are committed to providing the highest standard of care to ambulatory surgical patients, while being cost effective.

Patient safety is of the utmost concern. We encourage all patients to participate in their care, ask questions, get the information you need, and to speak to your physician or other healthcare professional if you have any concerns regarding your treatment.

The average patient stay at the Outpatient Surgery Center is four-to-five hours. Individual patient stays, of course, vary widely. All patients are discharged post-operatively. We work hard to maintain our schedule and appreciate your patience if there is an unavoidable delay. Free parking for one car is provided in the front of the building, which will be reserved at all times for patients and their visitors.

  1. History and Physical Examination form to be completed by the physician within 30 days of surgery. If the History and Physical is completed more than twenty-four hours prior to surgery, it will need to be updated on the day of surgery, per medical center policy.
  2. Consent for Anesthesia will need to be signed and dated by the patient and witnessed by the physician.
  3. Health Assessment Questionnaire to be completed on both sides by the patient (with assistance as needed). It must document all current medications and doses.
  4. Pre-Registration needed and available online through One Medical Passport. Registration is easy and takes about 20-25 minutes to complete. Medical Passports are secure, online patient-controlled accounts that provide medical history information. Please have your insurance information handy before you proceed to the site to pre-register online.