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Patient and Responsibilities – English

Hays Surgery Center provides quality health care while respecting the rights of our patients and their families. During your visit you can expect:

  • information you can understand about your illness and planned treatments.
  • to take part in making care decisions including why you need a treatment and what will happen if you do not have it.
  • to know the name of the doctors and all staff taking care of you.
  • to have your family or doctor to be told when you are admitted to the facility, if you wish.
  • to receive care in a safe environment and to be free from any form of abuse or harassment
  • to have personal privacy and to have your health care information treated confidentially.
  • to access information in your medical record.
  • the chance to write down your wishes for future medical care (using an Advance Directives form). We will follow your expressed wishes.
  • to have your pain assessed and managed.
  • to be free from restraints unless needed to keep you or others safe.
  • the option to agree to or refuse any research study or experiment.
  • the chance to review your bills and have any questions answered.
  • a timely reply to any concerns or complaints. To provide you the best possible care, we ask that you and your family: tell us correct and complete information about your health, wishes for your care, changes in your condition, and your concerns.
  • ask questions when anything is unclear.
  • follow your care plan or accept the risks if you make another choice.
  • show respect for all patients, visitors, staff as well as the facility rules.
  • pay your bills promptly. If you are unable to pay for your care you may receive help.

Ask us for information about our financial assistance program.

Please feel free to ask any questions or talk about any concerns with your health care team. If you are not satisfied, please call our Patient Representative Department at 512-498-9006.

Also, you have the right to contact an agency listed below:

Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care
5250 Old Orchard Road, Suite 200
Skokie, IL 60077
Tel: 847/853.6060
Fax: 847/853.9028
Email: info@aaahc.org

Texas Department of State Health Services
PO BOX 149347
(Physical address: 1100 W. 49th Street)
Austin, Texas 78756
Toll Free 1-888-963-7111 or 512- 458-7111
TDD Relay 1-800-735-2989